A Visit to Cornwall

A Visit to Cornwall

One of UK’s most popular holiday destinations, Cornwall, is famous for its world-renowned beaches which also make it a surfing haven. Wild moorland, Grecian blue sea, soft pale sand, castle ruins and old tin mines are what make Cornwall a must visit.  

When you visit Cornwall, swimming with seals or learning to surf a wave are some of the things that should be on your list. Your itinerary could also include surfing off Atlantic coves, ambling across granite moors, digging around in rockpools or striding out on the untouched South West Coast Path and sitting down at the wild-flower-strewn clifftops.

And if you are looking for activities beyond the beach, there are plenty of fun family activities – from wildlife conservation centres, hands-on farm experiences to steam railways that remind us of the county’s rich industrial heritage.  A few days of breathing clean Cornish air and eating fish straight from the sea is the perfect getaway for many city dwellers.

Despite its popularity, the county retains its cloak of tradition and sense of isolation. Cornwall is a mix of tradition and modernity – hidden behind the stone walls of farmhouses and fishermen’s old-style cottages are high-tech apartments and modern restaurants. Don’t be surprised when you find acclaimed chefs plating the finest seafood. Just a few hours in Cornwall and you’ll figure why England’s southwest toe with its super-quaint harbour towns have inspired celebrity chefs to take up residence.

Make sure you are not on a diet and work up an appetite as you set foot in this county.  The most famous dishes from the region are Stargazy pie and the Cornish pastry called ‘oggies’. Other must-try are the Cornish delicacies like crumbly Yarg cheese, meat-stuffed pasties, clotted cream, Cornish fudge and Cornish ice cream. Cornwall is historically famous for producing cider but nowadays the major breweries are best known for producing stouts and ales.

Warm ocean currents ensure that snow and frost are rare in Cornwall even during the winter months, making winter also a good time to visit. Cornwall experiences some of the longest hours of sunlight in the UK. So, start planning your vacation to south of UK’s most beautiful and scenic destination!

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