About us

It is said that you can take an Indian out of India, but you cannot take India out of an Indian. But for most of us non-resident Indians, living abroad is more than just taking a step up the quality-of-life ladder. This new and exciting experience offers many possibilities and opens up new avenues, but at the same time has its set of obstacles and issues.

We are here to address everything that you are looking for.Whether you are an NRI, OCI or PIO, ICICI Bank UK partners you through every facet of your UK life through our new initiative – India Connect

India Connect is our way of connecting Indians in the UK to exclusive offers on our favourites and advise that is tailored for life in the UK, but from an Indian’s perspective. Browse through our tailormade sections – Culture Connect, Life in the UK, ICICI Bank UK, Offers and Personal Connect for handpicked content that is customised to your needs.

From valuable tips to information, find all you need to know from us. Established 15 years ago, ICICI Bank UK PLC has been a trusted partner for Indians in the UK. Through India Connect, we will connect you further with the UK but with an Indian touch.

So, whether it be planning your next holiday, best places for desi food, events and festivals or understanding life in the UK – India Connect is your one stop portal for everything you need. Stay connected on the platform as we will continuously be updating customised content and offers for you.