Get a UK Driver’s License

Get a UK Driver’s License

4 steps to get a UK Driver’s License

If you are new to the UK, your Indian drivers license will only be valid for the first year. Post that you will need a UK drivers license. All you need to do is follow the below four step and of course pass your driving test.

Step 1: Applying for a provisional driving license

A provisional licence is crucial if you want to learn how to drive. You can apply for a drivers license by post or online. Applying online is a cheaper option, which would cost £34, while applying by post would cost you £43.

To apply for your provisional drivers license you will need a form of identity, address proof and National Insurance Number.

If you’re applying by post you will need to complete the D1 provisional application form – which you can pick up from selected Post Office branches or online from the DVLA form ordering service.

Complete the form and send it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD.

It generally takes around two weeks for your DVLA licence to arrive in the post. Once you’ve received your licence, you’re free to begin driving lessons with a reputable, registered driving instructor.

To apply for a provisional drivers license click here:

Step 2: Book Your Practical Driving Lessons

Booking your driving lessons is a very easy and straightforward process. Before you begin to look at potential driving schools it’s important to know what kind of lessons, you’re after to ensure you find the right match – whether it is manual or automatic.

Step 3: Book Your Theory Test

Before you can take your practical driving test you must pass your theory test. So, once you’ve nailed the driving basics, start practicing for your theory. The theory test assesses your knowledge of the Highway Code and your reaction to hazards which you might encounter whilst driving. The test is split into multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test and is mandatory for all learner drivers. Remember to book your test as soon as possible as there is usually a waiting list of at least two weeks.

To apply for your theory test click here:

Step 4: Book Your Driving Test

With your theory test out of the way you are free to focus on the final step – passing your practical driving test. You can book your driving test by phone or online. There is usually a waiting time of up to 12 weeks. The test costs £62 if you book it on a weekday and £75 if you are booking it on a weekend. On the day of your driving test remember to carry your provisional drivers license, a car and your theory certificate.

To book your test click here:

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