Visit Neasden – The largest temple outside India

Visit Neasden – The largest temple outside India

Off the North Circular road is the exquisite BAPs Swaminarayan Mandir also known as the Neasden Temple.

Made out of 8,000 tonnes of Indian and Italian marble and Bulgarian limestone, which was shipped all the way from Kandla, where 650 artisans carved the stone into 23,000 different pieces, the Neasden Temple hosts the biggest Diwali celebrations outside India.


Neasden Temple is open from 9am to 6pm throughout the year. However, if you are coming for Darshan below are the timings to keep in mind:

Murti Darshan:

9am to 11am

11:45am to 12:15pm

4pm to 6pm

Aarti Timings:

6am – Mangal Aarti

7:30am – Shangar Aarti

11:45am – Rajbhog Aarti

7pm – Sandhya Aarti

8pm – Shayan Aarti

Abhishek Timings

9:30am – 12pm

4pm – 6pm

Exhibition Timings

9am to 6pm

Things to do:

When you arrive, enter through the gate on Meadow Garth from where you will get the full view of Neasden Temple. On visiting Neasden Temple make sure you see the below attractions:

Haveli: The Haveli is a cultural centre complementing the traditional stone temple. It includes a large prayer hall, classrooms, gymnasium, crèche, and other facilities.

Maha-Mandap: The heart of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is the Maha-Mandap found on the upper floor of the stone temple.

‘Understanding Hinduism’ Exhibition: Appreciated by both children and adults, this is a permanent exhibition spread over 3,000 square feet on the lower floor of the Mandir just opposite the Abhishek Mandap. Using 3D displays and traditional craftwork, it provides a valuable insight into the origin, beliefs and values of Hinduism.

Restaurant: You can complete your visit with a meal at Shayona restaurant with traditional vegetarian cuisine.

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